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How to get more fit in your life

It’s time to get in the gym!Whether you’re a beginner, a pro or just looking to get fit, here’s how to do it right.1.Find a gym that caters to youIf you want to be more fit and healthy, you’ll need a gym.There’s a ton of great options out there, but

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What’s FitCube, the fitness club for the dead?

With an estimated $6 billion market capitalization and more than 50 million members, Fit Cube is one of the most popular fitness clubs on the internet.With more than 70 clubs around the world, the club has become a global brand with a devoted following of fitness enthusiasts and those who

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What is the Beachbody Fitness Video? | Fitness Video Magazine

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, a new wave of beachbody fitness video stars were making waves, but this was the era when it was relatively new.With the advent of the Apple iPod and the rise of the Internet, these videos were instantly available for people to watch on

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What does ‘obé’ mean?

Obé Fitness videos on the internet can be hard to find.They’re hard to watch, and sometimes, they don’t even have the title of the video.That’s where the fitness channel Obé has come in.They have videos for everyone from bodybuilders to athletes, and all of them are made with their own

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How to be happy with the new Yoga Pilates video

When it comes to yoga, it’s not always easy.The new video for yogi Yaya from pilates and bodyweight class company Yoyo Fitness offers a glimpse into the practice, but it also reveals that the process is not a one-size-fits-all approach.In this video, yogi, pilates instructor, and yoga teacher Yaya takes

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How to do the yoga fit and do it without the pole

The world’s best yoga instructor, Yohan Cabu, has explained how to do a yoga fit without the yoga pole.In the latest installment of his video pole fitness series, Cabu demonstrates the “right way” to do all of the poses.The video pole exercise is very simple, but it is a very

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