The Fitocracy: The 10 Best Fitness Tests for Everyone

When I was starting to get into fitness, I was always fascinated by the concept of “fit,” or what people who were fit were supposed to look like.In the popular culture, the term is synonymous with “skinny” and, while some people may find this to be offensive, others might find

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How to become a fitness coach and trainer: Video training

Health and fitness videos are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re helping to keep kids active and healthy.But now a new study suggests the video and workout apps can be as important as the physical exercise itself, and the results could mean more people are losing weight.“People are looking at these

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Fit and loose in a workout video: Fitness video

The Jerusalem post has reported on the life and times of Israeli sports stars including the likes of Ashraf Eitan, who was the only Palestinian to be voted to the Basketball World Cup.The video has been seen by many and received a wide ranging response on social media, which is

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When you can be a celebrity in a video game

The first time I saw Elite: Dangerous, I wasn’t really interested in the game at all.I’d never played a video-game before, and I had a vague interest in video-games as a hobby.But when I was playing the first hour of the game, something clicked for me.I was hooked.I immediately bought

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How to get a better workout without the gym

The gym is always there, whether you’re training or not.Here’s how to get your workouts in the most effective way without the need for a gym.1.Find a workout you enjoy.Some of the best fitness videos on YouTube are the ones that don’t require any gear.Here are a few ideas: Swim

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How to keep your body looking the best fit: Fitness home video

Posted October 15, 2018 07:50:22 You want your body to be fit, but not too tight or too loose, and it’s important to remember the following three things when you’re designing your workout routine: Be patient Be careful of injuries Keep your arms and legs in shape Do a few

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