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How to Make a Fitness Video with a Fitness Maker

Fitness video makers are all over the place these days.There are a lot of great fitness videos out there, but what about a video that has the perfect mix of content and style?That’s exactly what the Fitcube app offers.The app is designed to make it easy for anyone to make

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The Fitocracy: The 10 Best Fitness Tests for Everyone

When I was starting to get into fitness, I was always fascinated by the concept of “fit,” or what people who were fit were supposed to look like.In the popular culture, the term is synonymous with “skinny” and, while some people may find this to be offensive, others might find

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How to become a fitness coach and trainer: Video training

Health and fitness videos are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re helping to keep kids active and healthy.But now a new study suggests the video and workout apps can be as important as the physical exercise itself, and the results could mean more people are losing weight.“People are looking at these

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When you can be a celebrity in a video game

The first time I saw Elite: Dangerous, I wasn’t really interested in the game at all.I’d never played a video-game before, and I had a vague interest in video-games as a hobby.But when I was playing the first hour of the game, something clicked for me.I was hooked.I immediately bought

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What it’s like to be an athlete at the Olympics

Recode is proud to introduce our brand new website!The Recode brand is about bringing you the most inspiring news and stories from the worlds of tech, business and entertainment.This is where you’ll find the latest in tech news, interviews and the latest videos.We’ve also got a collection of the best

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Live Fitness Video For Men, Women, Kids and Teens: A Men’s Guide

Here are some ways to get the latest fitness tips and information from the experts at the Medical News Daily: Men’s Fitness Video: Learn the basics of fitness and how to make the most of your workouts.Learn how to build a muscle-burning and lean muscle tone.How to achieve better, longer-lasting

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How to fit a yoga backpack to your body

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How to improve your fitness: What’s the best way to get fit?

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Watch Fabio Fitness Fit Derek videos on

FitDemyDerek has a new video coming soon featuring the fitness fanatic and fitness blogger Fabio Fadino, who’s also a former fitness model and fitness photographer.Fabio Fads first blog hit the big time in 2014 when he launched FitDrama, a fitness and nutrition blog focused on fitness and health.Fadino’s latest video

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