Aussie bodybuilder’s new workout routine inspired by fitness video

The Australian bodybuilder has taken to YouTube and Instagram to inspire his fellow bodybuilders to take up bodybuilding as their passion.

The latest workout routine from Australian bodybuilding legend John Sorensen uses a combination of the latest in bodybuilding technology to help his athletes reach their fitness goals.

The new workout is a variation of the popular Fitness Training for Athletes video, and features a mix of movement, cardio and cardio machines.

In the video, Mr Soren explains how the bodybuilder can get the most out of his workout routine.

“If you look at the video you’ll see I get out my phone and record the session, and then I take a video of the session to upload to YouTube,” Mr Sorynsen said.

“The workout itself is really simple, you just do the exercises and follow the directions to make sure that you are getting the most benefit out of your workout.”

The video has been watched over 100,000 times on YouTube, and Mr Sorousnsen has recorded more than 100,00 YouTube videos over the last few years.

He said the video helped him to improve his health and strength.

“When I first got into bodybuilding, I had an issue with my joints,” he said.”[The workout] helped me to get that joint back in shape.”

It was really beneficial for my back and I think it’s helped my fitness too.

“Mr Soryn said his latest video, which was filmed last year, is the result of many hours of research and work.”

I really believe that the fitness technology has really changed the way that we look at exercise and how we’re training,” he told ABC News.”

We’re using technology to enhance our health and fitness, so the fitness industry really does have an incredible amount of potential.

“Mr Wroblewski, who is based in Perth, said he was happy with the video’s reception.”

At the moment I’ve only watched a few, but the people who have watched it have really enjoyed it,” he explained.”

They’ve been really impressed with it.

“Mr Yost, who has also worked as a fitness instructor for over 10 years, said the new video helped his bodybuilders reach their goals.”

People love the new workout video and it’s very good,” he shared.”

What it does is it’s basically the same workout, but I just did it in a different way, I didn’t have the cardio machines and it still worked out really well.

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