Why Hockey is the only sport to have a female coach

NEW YORK — Female hockey coaches in the NHL are far and away the best in the league.

And it’s not just because of the women who’ve made the leap to the league since the lockout began in November.

“We’re the only one of the two major professional sports leagues that have female coaches,” said the woman who coaches the women’s team in the USHL, an organization that has more than 600 teams. 

“In the NHL, we have coaches that are as strong and knowledgeable as the men, who are also female,” said Lacey Anderson, the US Hockey Federation’s director of women’s hockey.

“Women are the best of the best, and there’s nothing more we can do to ensure that we’re the best coaches, the best women’s coaches, in the world.”

The women’s league has had female coaches for almost two decades, but it hasn’t had a female general manager since 1997. 

The USHL has just one woman general manager.

The USHL had two women general managers and two assistant general managers before the lockout. 

In the last 20 years, there have been three general managers, three assistant general manager, two assistant head coaches, and one assistant coach. 

Anderson said she’s “never seen the need” for female coaches in any of the USHSL’s 19 divisions, which have seven teams each. 

One reason is because female coaches are usually paid more. 

“[A female coach] doesn’t have the same amount of time to spend in the organization,” Anderson said. 

A female general Manager is paid a base salary, while a female assistant General Manager is usually paid at a higher salary.

The salary for an assistant general coach is determined by the USSHL, a union representing women’s sports.

“I would like to see more female general managers,” Anderson continued.

“And I think that if the USHL were to have one, it would be a great addition to our organization. 

It would definitely help increase our quality of play and provide a better opportunity for women to be in the mix and have an opportunity to compete and have their talent respected.”

It would be great to have the opportunity to work with a women’s coach in the United States.

I think the world would benefit from that.” 

Anderson, who’s a former head coach at the USNTDP women’s national team, said she would love to coach in a women�s league. 

But she also thinks it’s important for women’s teams to have female GMs.”

The players deserve to be coached by a female,” Anderson explained. 

There’s no shortage of coaches with female backgrounds in the U.S. sports world. 

Some of the most famous coaches in women�re sport, including women�ve been female general players in the major leagues. 

And female GM�s are still being sought out in other sports. 

For example, the Philadelphia Flyers are currently recruiting a woman general coach for their NHL franchise. 

That’s because the team is currently without a female GM, and they are looking to hire a female director of player personnel. 

At the same time, women� have a different path to the NHL. 

 “The vast majority of women have a lot of different jobs, but the majority of them are women that are in the game of hockey,” said Anderson. 

All the female coaches have similar goals. 

They want to be able to teach, they want to mentor, they hope to be part of a leadership group, and it�s important that we have the ability to coach a woman to be successful in hockey.”

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