When a girl says she can’t have a boyfriend because of her age, it’s a really bad situation

When a young girl says that she can no longer have a romantic relationship because she’s too young, it might seem like a very innocent question.

But when the answer comes from a 15-year-old girl, it has the potential to turn out to be one of the most devastating of all.

Meet Margo.

She is the youngest of five children, born to parents whose parents were separated during the civil war.

Her mother was imprisoned in the war’s aftermath, and Margo grew up in a village where there was little opportunity for girls to participate in school.

She has been bullied in her school by her classmates and classmates of other girls, who often accuse her of being too shy to be in a relationship.

When she first started college, Margo didn’t even know she was dating her older sister.

She started to worry when she started going out with girls and found out that she had been seeing boys.

When she got pregnant, she had to take a year off work to help support her children.

Her husband, who was a construction worker in the village, also worked in construction.

Margo told her husband that she was pregnant and worried about not having enough money to pay for the child.

She told him she was worried about her mother’s health and that her younger sister had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

But she said her younger brother told her that he had always wanted to marry a woman.

The couple had agreed to have an open relationship.

The day after the birth of their first child, Morkar was diagnosed with severe anxiety.

“It was really bad,” she said.

“I went through so many episodes of panic attacks and depression.

I couldn’t even go to sleep.””

My anxiety was really terrible, I didn’t know what was going on, I couldn´t eat, I just couldn´T.”

Margo is now an adult, but she still feels confused and anxious about her life and her future.

Her older sister, Nefra, told the BBC she was also depressed when she first met Margo, but now she is back to normal.

“She was depressed before, but her anxiety has come back a lot more than it used to.

She used to be really happy and happy,” she told the broadcaster.”

But she just hasn´t had the same kind of happiness that I had.”

Despite all the negativity surrounding Margo’s experience, the experience is not something she wants to be remembered for.

“My parents always told me to forget about it.

They never said anything to me about it,” she explained.”

When I tell people it happened to me, I want them to feel ashamed or angry.

I don´t want them thinking that I have it all under control.

I am a normal girl, so why would I be any different?”

Read more from the BBC, here

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