Which fitness video should you watch this season?

Fitness video, fitness test video and exercise video have all been part of the sports entertainment landscape for the last decade.

But according to an exclusive analysis of the top-grossing fitness videos on YouTube, the video games themselves don’t seem to be making up the majority of the videos released.

A survey conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the online fitness site Redbox found that video games accounted for the vast majority of videos released in the United Kingdom this year.

Of the top 100 highest grossing fitness video streams, 90 percent were made by games, while the remaining 10 percent were videos made by people with no previous experience of the medium.

The survey, which surveyed a representative sample of 4,100 users, found that gaming videos were in fact the most popular, with over 40 percent of them being made by gamers.

The next most popular video type was the workout video, which accounted for just under 17 percent of the total, and the rest came from people with an interest in the health and fitness fields.

According to the BBC, video games are a major part of why people watch the videos on Redbox.

“They are a form of entertainment, which appeals to a wide audience,” said BBC Media Director of Media, Digital and Arts, Robyn Brown, in a statement.

“With a new generation of players, more than ever, we are seeing them enjoying the entertainment, and they are also finding it increasingly addictive.”

According to Redbox, video game viewership is on the rise, and in fact is up over 1.5 percent from last year, according to the company.

The company expects this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.

“Video game players are the core of Redbox’s growing subscriber base and Redbox believes it’s only going to continue to grow with them,” said Redbox in a press release.

“By 2020, Redbox expects over 300 million video game users in the UK, which is double the number in 2015 and is expected to surpass 1.3 billion in 2020.”

According the Redbox survey, the top video games that made the top 20 highest grosser videos on the site are The Sims 3, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Minecraft, FIFA 15, Super Mario 3D World, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Redbox also released a report stating that, “The average user spends around 3 hours a day on RedBox and has over 30 million hours of video content on Redboxes content library.”

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