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(Camtasia Cash Secrets Video Course)

JayKay Bak
 Introducing Camtasia Cash Secrets Tutorials 

Are You Ready For REAL Success On The Internet?

Success On The Internet Is Much Closer Than You Might Picture!

Have you dropped hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on courses, programmers, websites, and other things that you thought would make you successful?

Are you tired of all of the "So Called Experts" promising you overnight riches with no work only to sell you a product that tells you to promote their product?

Whatever your situation, this page is going to reveal a simple way for you to capitalize on the power of owning an Internet business like you never thought possible.

Tune in attentively, lock the door if needed, and get ready to learn what it takes to make money on the Internet...


From: JayKay Bak
Date: Friday - 8:14 AM
RE: - Product Creation Super Course!

Dear Future Information Product Creation Millionaire,

If you're tired of spending your hard earned money on opportunities that promise the world but never yield anything but you holding a bill and an empty wallet, this letter may save your financial life.

I've been in this business for a long time and I've seen hundreds of wanna-be "marketers" come and go.  Many of them have released products that lie to their customers, deceive them to the extreme, and do nothing but try and squeeze more money out of them.

There are definitely more scams online than there are real, down to earth, honest opportunities so it can be nearly impossible to make a good buying decision in a market that's so flooded with garbage like this.

But there is a way...

...Stop Listening To Hype And Start Watching Trends To Spot Huge Profit Opportunities Almost Effortlessly...

Most of the people selling untested systems and information that just doesn't work on how to profit from the Internet absolutely must use hype to do it.

This means that they load down their websites & salesletters with a bunch of fancy graphics & hyped up sales messages & promise that you'll become filthy rich with no work and generally deceive you to get your credit card out of your wallet.

It's hard not to be sucked in by sales messages like that.  I've been a victim just as you have.

But if you have any chance of making money online you need to stop listening to these hype men and start watching the net for "Trends" that have tons of opportunity.

Trends are where the money is and if you can spot them, you can literally write your own ticket in the Internet business world.

You might be wondering what some of the Trends that you can capitalize on right now.  I'm going to reveal one to you and this one Trend is big enough for you to make money from for your entire lifetime.

Right now, there's a ton of money in...

The Wildly Booming Internet Video Trend That Is Invading Peoples Homes, iPod's & Blackberries Presents An Opportunity For You To Grab Financial Freedom By The Reigns!

I'm sure that you've seen the huge video boom that's spread across the Internet like crazy...

>> CNN & MSNBC, two of the biggest news providers in the world have gone to a mostly video and multimedia based content format.

>> Google launched their Google Video division and after getting taste of how huge the market was, they bought YouTube for an unprecedented 1.65 Billion dollars.

>> Almost every profile on the highly popular communication & entertainment portal has video that can easily be instantly streamed.

>> Comedians, Musicians & Performers are releasing exclusive video content on the Internet because they realized what a huge market this is.

As you can see from the examples above, video is ripping through the Internet like a bulldozer through a cardboard house; it's just taking over.

The good news is that you can take advantage of this trend and use it as a way of making a killing online and it's not a hard thing to pull off.

Obviously the first question on your mind is...

How Am I Going To Create Videos That Not Only Look Professional But Attract Interest & Profits?

This is definitely a good question...

The good news is that through Camtasia, you can create highly attractive, professional grade video that you can spread across the web and use to make products that people love to buy.

Chances are, if you are reading this letter, you either know what Camtasia is and possibly own it or you have at least heard of it.

If you haven't heard of it, I'll just tell you this...Camtasia is a software that allows you to record the activity taking place on your desktop via video as well as your voice as audio simultaneously and it allows you to share this video presentation easily on the Internet.

Camtasia is one of the greatest tools ever made for a person who wants to make money on the Internet.

You don't have to be a technological wizard to do this.  In fact, that's the main reason that you're here today.  I'm going to teach you how to use Camtasia in the absolute easiest way and show you how to make money with it.

Sound good?

Here's just a sample of what you are going to learn in the "Using Camtasia For Huge Profits" training program...


1. What is Camtasia Studio?
a. Camtasia Recorder
b. Camtasia Player
c. Camtasia MenuMaker
d. Camtasia Audio Editor
e. Camtasia Theatre
f. Camtasia Editor

2. Typical Uses For Camtasia
a. Producing Training and Product Demos
b. Recording Presentations for Playback

3. An Introduction to the Camtasia Studio Interface
a. The Clip Bin
b. The Time Line
c. The Task List
d. The Toolbar

4. Camtasia 6.0 New Features
a. Podcast publishing support for video and audio
b. New output formats
c. Closed Caption
d. New audio editing features
e. Produce multiple formats at once


1. The Recorder
2. Recording options
3. A Down and Dirty Full Screen Capture (A quick sample recording)
4. The Capture Menu
5. The View Menu
6. The Effects Menu
7. The Tools Menu and Tools Options
8. CODECs Explained
9. Screen Resolution and Color Depth
10. Video Acceleration
11. Content Type Considerations
12. Recording Full Screen
13. Recording a Window
14. Recording a Fixed Region
15. Recording a Region


1. Transport Controls
2. Transport Control Hotkeys
3. The Timeline and It's Tools
4. Zooming In and Out
5. Splitting a Clip
6. Timeline/Storyboard View
7. The Volume Tools
8. Silencing Audio
9. Viewable Tracks
10. Locking a Track
11. Cutting Clips
12. Extending Frames
13. Saving Your Project
14. Opening a Project


1. Importing Still Images
2. Using Still Images (placing, duration, etc.)
3. Importing Video Clips
4. Placing Video Clips
5. Working with Video on Multiple Tracks
6. Zooming and Panning
7. Transitions
8. Call-outs
9. Custom Call-outs
10. PIP
11. Watermarks
12. Recording a Camera
13. Adding Voice Narration
14. Title Clips
15. Captions


1. Production Presets
2. PowerPoint Options
3. Recording a PowerPoint Presentation
4. Podcast Production


1. What is Compression?
2. Video Compression Basics
3. Audio Compression Basics
4. Things to Consider for Streaming Content
5. Producing an AVI
6. Producing an MOV
7. Producing Flash and HTML
8. Producing Multiple Formats at Once
9. Production Settings and Presets
10. Batch Production
11. Adjusting Clip Speed


1. What is Flash?
2. Using Flash for Interaction
3. Flash Quizzes
4. What is SCORM?
5. SCORM Options
6. Flash Hotspots


1. What does the MenuMaker do?
2. Creating a CD Menu with the Wizard
3. Creating a CD Menu Manually
4. General Properties
5. Cursor Properties
6. List Properties
7. Menu Content
8. Testing Your Menu
9. Creating and Using Your Menu
10. Saving Your Menu
11. Saving Your Menu as a Template
12. Creating a Web Menu


But It Get's Better, MUCH Better!...

The Camtasia Cash Secrets course will arrive on your doors stop loaded to the brim with the following contents...

12 Incredibly Simple Video CD's TO Get You Moving Immediately! - These CD's are packed with all of the video training that you need to get started NOW. They cover Camtasia versions 5 and 6 so you are golden no matter which version you are using/ Simply drop one of these CD's into your computer CD Drive, click play and sit back and watch your way to being a Camtasia Master!

4 Info Packed 'Action Ideas' Bonus Video CD's That Will Walk YOU Through 20 Ways You Can Start Making Huge Profits With Camtasia! - This portion of the training kicks what you've  learned into hyper drive so that you can profit quickly and in dozens of different ways!

Two Thick, Bound Manuals Totaling Well Over 1300 Pages To Read, Reference & Mark Up! - You will get all of the important points of the manual in this easy to read & reference manual that you can put notes in if you have ideas and bookmark pages with vital things you need to know for making the most money possible.

Fast Start Action Idea Checklists - This could be considered "condensed brain food".  After going through the course, you won't have to go back to the videos and watch a bunch of footage in order to remember steps and things you need to know.  These quick checklists cover all of the major aspects of using Camtasia to create video and make money for quick & easy reference at a glance!

A Special Bonus Worth More Than The Entire Package! - While I can't reveal what this is in this letter, I can promise you that you'll absolutely love this incredible bonus worth more than the package itself!

Mastering Camtasia And Using It For Your Own Financial Prosperity Is So Easy I Guarantee It Will Blow Your Mind!

Now, there are a couple of products out there that purport to teach you how to use Camtasia and I'm not saying those aren't good courses but I will say this (and boldly I might add)...

The Using Camtasia For Huge Profits Training Program is better than anything on the market, it's easier to use and it's packed with way more information that you can use to make actual money than any other course or training program.

Now, that's a bold claim but it's 100% true and you can expect to see all of these things first hand when you crack open your training package.

Here are some of the most important points that you will discover immediately upon going through the training program..

  • Camtasia Training From A to Z - The main module shows you every dirty little secret that you need to know to maximize the Camtasia software!  You will know how to use Camtasia to create video that blows people away!
  • Insider Shortcuts To Creating Pro Video - You will learn how to quickly create loads of professional video without knowing a bunch of technical stuff.  It's easy!
  • How To Deliver Your Videos - This section will show you how to easily setup menus, web pages and even a CD-ROM to deliver your video content effortlessly.
  • Ways To Make Money Giving Away Your Content - You are going to uncover the places online that you can give away your content for free and use that exposure to get traffic back to your product or service site so that you can turn it into cold, hard cash!
  • Paid Product Secrets - You are going to learn a ton of ways you can create and deliver video content to people in exchange for a hefty fee and how you can make a killing doing so!
  • Vblogging Profits - Video blogging is huge and you are going to learn how to leverage your Camtasia skills to create tons of targeted traffic to your own video blog easily!

I'm sure by now that you are ready to get moving so that you too can start profiting from the huge video boom and start puffing up your bank account with some extra income.

It really is not a hard thing to do.

If you have a little dedication I promise that this will be not only the easiest way you've ever seen to make money on the Internet but also an extremely fun way of doing so.  Video is an interactive and "full of life" kind of product to create and purchase as a customer so it's definitely a win for you on the creation aspect and a win for the customer on the purchase end.

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To be completely honest, you have probably seen dozens and dozens of courses on the Internet that cost well over $1,000 that promise to teach you how to make money.  Many are several thousand dollars.

This is especially true with a physical product.

But I'm not "every other marketer" and I have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed like you never thought possible on the Internet.

That being said, I'm not going to charge anywhere near that amount for the Camtasia Cash Secrets course.  If you act today you get this huge, beefy box of Video CD-ROMs, checklists, manuals and bonuses for the budget soothing price of $1277 $997.00 $697.00 plus shipping.

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Pretty incredible right?

But it gets better still...

If you take action today raise your hand by ordering today, you will get the following highly valuable product, the perfect companion, at absolutely no cost...

 Hard To Beat Bonus
Making Money With Camtasia
12 Videos & Here's Exactly What You'll Get:
  Case Studies
Monetizing Blogs
Video Manual
Traffic Source
Recording Seminars
Selling Videos
Customer Testimonials
PayPal Proof
Creating Photoshop Graphics
Creating MenuMaker Menus
Teach Camtasia

You're Guaranteed To Make Money!

The Camtasia Cash Secrets training package is the most complete package on making money on the Internet using Camtasia & video today.

I am so confident that you'll not only become a black belt ninja when it comes to using Camtasia that I'll put my money and my reputation where my mouth is.

If you don't find that you learn how to use Camtasia with complete ease as well as how to make money with the projects you create with Camtasia, I'll stick my hand in my own pocket and hand you every cent of your purchase price back.

No haggling, no arguments, no questions asked.

And to make it a completely "no brainer" decision on your part, I'll let you keep all of the free bonuses just for giving the Camtasia Cash Secrets training package a try.

That means that no matter what, even if you decide to return it, you come out one top.

Could it get any better?


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2)  You'll be able to get started making money with video right away.  This means that you'll be able to start adding some substantial income to your bottom line every month and move yourself closer to your goal income.

This huge box will arrive on your doorstop backed tight with lots of content and extra goodies and the price is just amazing...


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I really want to see you succeed and I know you will with the Camtasia Cash Secrets course, Camtasia tutorial training package.  I'll instantly refund your money back to you and let you keep the bonuses if you aren't happy for any reason.

See You At The Top!

To Your Product Creation Success,

JayKay Bak

P.S. There has never been an opportunity that allows you to conquer any niche market you want to with complete ease in the comfort of your home.  The Mastering Camtasia course can help you make all of your dreams a reality if you take action and secure your course.